It is no secret that consumers have become more aware of the environmental impact of dairy farming.  The recent announcement by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor and Environment Minister David Parker has indicated changes to the Resource Management Act and the introduction of new standards to help clean up New Zealand’s waterways.

Management of effluent and nitrate leeching has a significant influence on the quality of our rivers and streams.  In recent years, farmers have been actively fencing off miles of waterways and creating riparian zones to improve water quality and enhance habitat.

To retain its clean-green image, New Zealand needs innovation and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of farming.  After seeing a lack of customised filtration solutions to meet the requirements of New Zealand’s dairy farming systems, Terry Hawes created Matamata Company Forsi Innovations alongside his two sons, Craig and Darren.

Through the filtration of dairy effluent, Forsi turns wastewater into two highly valuable resources – clean dry compostable solids for fertiliser, and clean clear water for irrigation or for re-use in the dairy shed. This water has no odour, pathogens or viruses, reduced suspended solids, dissolved solids, nitrogen and phosphorous, meaning the water can be re-used as needed on farm without fear of prosecution.

The Forsi Effluent Recycling System takes effluent from the dairy shed via a sand trap, then passes it through a solids screen using a specialised coagulant. The screen separates out all particulates that are larger than 0.5mm, thereby reducing the suspended solids loading.

Once the liquid has passed through the screen and the solids loading is reduced, the liquid travels through a particulate removal and water polishing stage that involves media filtration, ultra-filtration and UV sterilization. This process removes pathogens, viruses and up to 97% of the nitrates present.

The Forsi Effluent Recycling System gives farmers looking to enter the sheep and goat dairy industry an economical and convenient option for managing effluent discharge. Built into a modified 40-foot container, each system is completely customisable and has a low environmental footprint. The Forsi team is on hand to provide their customers with technical support and if necessary, can also monitor the system from their office.

The Effluent Recycling System Compared to a Conventional Pond System


“The secret is finding smart technologies to improve environmental outcomes while improving the bottom line.  We know regulatory guidelines will continue to challenge our farmers. So why not look into it now and be ready for it” – Shane Kells, Technical Lead, Sheep and Goat Milk NZ

Forsi also offer domestic house filters, potable water filters, car and truck wash facilities and home swimming pool filtration.

Please contact the team if you are interested in how they can help you maximise your effluent management and water filtration needs.

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