Welcome to The Sheep and Goat Dairy Project

The Sheep and Goat Dairy Project is a government funded, not-for-profit initiative dedicated to growing New Zealand’s sheep and goat milk industry.

It aims to transform the sector from an emergent one with regional pockets of success, to a nationwide sector that’s innovative and thriving, so that New Zealand farmers, manufacturers and marketers are well placed to meet the global demand for nutritious, environmentally sustainable, premium milk products.

Funded through the Provincial Growth Fund, the Sheep and Goat Dairy Project research period is now complete.  The team would like to thank everyone that participated to share their knowledge over the past 14 months and look forward to releasing the reports early June 2020.

Regional Workshops

Do you want to:

  • Learn more about the potential market opportunities for sheep and goat milk products?
  • Hear about the Sheep and Goat Project, including anticipated outcomes and timelines?
  • Share your knowledge and experience with others?
  • Get involved in an action group to transform the industry within your region?

Come along to one of the stakeholder workshops being held throughout New Zealand during April and May 2019.

On the Farm

Are you a farmer looking for better ways to use your land or wanting to increase the profitability of your business?

This project will help to smooth your journey by providing robust information to guide your decision making. It will tell you whether sheep and goat dairying is a viable option for your business…

Off the Farm

Are you a dairy manufacturer or marketer looking for ways to grow your business through new markets or product opportunities? Do you need to secure your future milk supply to meet market demands?

Through the global market research component, this project will provide insights to help you identify prospective markets and products…

Growing New Zealand’s
sheep and goat milk industry